Fair Weather Farm at Fairhill     

   your community organic farm in Cecil County, Maryland   

"Educating the community on sustainable healthy eating and self-sufficient living." 

I have always had a passion for gardening and growing my own food from an early age. I guess you can say I like to play in the dirt. My mother’s small backyard garden plot grew a few tomatoes, peppers, lettuce & carrots, the makings of a great salad and the beginning of my mission in life. I started my own organic farm originally on 5 acres in 2008. I wanted to share the earth’s bounty with the world, but knew I’m just a small farmer with BIG DREAMS.

I have spent 30+ years volunteering for various organizations and schools sharing my knowledge of gardening / farming and sustainability with others. Whether it be at the Food Bank of Delaware, First State School, Hosts Reading Program at Wilson  Elementary School, setting up gardens at Elkton Middle School or sharing music with youth at my church to name a few, I love to share my time and talents with others.

As I went into the elementary schools for the “Healthy Food for Healthy Kids” program, I realize how important it is for those children to be able to visit a real farm and to be able to see how their food is grown and see animals in their natural habitat. Children’s whole perspective changes when they learn about farming or growing food in a garden. It changes their relationship with food, as they tend to see it in a different way.  Instilling valuable education in our children, at a young age, will improve their knowledge about the environment and ecosystem. They also learn how to become responsible when it comes to food for future generations

My neighbor, Mrs. Lilian Watkins owned 48 acres of farmland adjacent to mine. She was a teacher by trade and spent her entire life educating young children, although had no children of her own with her spouse, Oliver. When Mrs. Watkins passed away at the ripe old age of 99 years old, I knew I had to rescue that farmland from potential real-estate enthusiasts to develop the land. The statistics on how many farms are disappearing each year due to development is devastating. 

I purchased the farmland in January 2016 and established the “Watkins Farm for Our Future” a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 in Mrs. Lilian Watkins honor.  We began offering school children an opportunity to get out of the classrooms and into a natural environment were they learn about healthy eating and how gardens grow from farm to fork and see a working farm. We want this farm to be a great educational resource & encourage the community to come & participate in learning about sustainable, healthy eating. We are also in the process of renovating one of the barns as an educational barn to hold events & classes on self sufficiency, (something I know Mrs. Watkins was known for) including; how to grow, preserve and prepare food. The farm also intends to offer space for Musical Education and guest speakers in Environmental Studies and Holistic Health and Wellness.  

Will you contribute to our vision and help us continue creating a organic educational center to benefit our tri-state area?

Please send your donation made out to "Watkins Farm for Our Future

Address:   Fair Weather Farm at Fairhill 

                 5821 Telegraph Road

                 Elkton, MD 21921

                 Thank you !!      


Share Our Mission ..... Join Our Board of Directors

Watkins Farm for Our Future is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. We are a working Board with the mandate to determine Watkins Farm for Our Future's mission and policies, provide strategic direction and oversight of it's activities, and ensure organizational accountability, in order to support the staff who manage and perform the operations of the organization. 

The Board is seeking like-minded individuals who share our educational, self-sustaining and environmental commitment mission to voluntarily serve on our board. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds who have some experience in:

- Community based non-profits organizational management

- Fundraising and Grant Writing

- Ability to commit a minimum of 2 hours a month towards Board Meetings & responsibilities. 

- Background knowledge of local context. 

Board Positions Available: 

Secretary: The Secretary of the Board is vital to the communication of the Board. The Secretary should give proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas & meeting minutes. The secretary should be knowledgeable of the organization's records, bylaws & related material, and should be able to provide advice & resources to the board on relevant topics at issue. Responsibilities include: Develop, distribute & maintain Board calendar, takes notes, called minutes, at the board meetings, submits minutes for amendment or approval by the board. Keeps records and non-financial legal documents, including its bylaws, and minutes of meetings. Keep track of organizational activities to make sure the actions of the organization are in accordance with the organizations bylaws.  

Compliance: Responsible for insuring bylaws are met and board meetings are conducted properly. Good record keeping, Timely filing of Form 990 to the IRS yearly to meet requirements and insure we are in compliance with non-profit federal & state laws at all times. 

Grant Writing: Research & develop (approved by BOD) proposals for funding to benefit our non-profit's programs. Key skills needed are previous grant-writing experience, excellent communication, research & organizational skills. Ability to understand and execute complex instructions. 


At Large - Members: Regularly attends board meetings & important related meetings. Committed to actively participating in committee work, accepts assignments and completes them thoroughly on time. Stays informed about committee matters, prepared to participate & contributes / comments on minutes & reports a/w/a annual evaluations and planning efforts. Participates in fundraising and marketing for the organization. 


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